image Specials: The AQUA Elite Well Water Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System! 

well water reverse osmosis system

Our # 1 Pick for Point-Of-Use Well Water Drinking Water Purification!
When Low Pressure, Low Water Production or High Total Dissolved Solids Are A Problem Choose Our AQUA Elite Reverse Osmosis System With Built-In Booster Pump! Increased Production & Rejection Rates Result From An Average Pressure Boost of 60PSI Before The RO Membrane
under the sink well water drinking water system  remove impurities from your water

AQUA Elite Well Water 50gpd Reverse Osmosis System With Buit-In Booster Pump Filters High TDS Up To 2500ppm
Use this system when your water pressure is below 40-psi or have high total dissolved solids. The booster pump allows the system to run at peak efficiency by providing a pressure of 60psi to the RO membrane. The pump is placed after the first stage sediment filter to reduce wear from sediment. The booster pump simply plugs into a standard 110-volt (0.8amps) outlet and is designed to operate continuously at near constant pressure until the ro water storage tank is full.

Our Best Selling Point Of Use Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System For Well Water With High TDS And/Or Low Water Pressure

under the sink well water drinking water system
AQUA Elite 50GPD RO System
Price: $550.00
Online Orders Only:
Order The AQUA Elite 50 Online And We Will Include The Following Items At No Extra Charge:
(1) TDS Water Monitor
(1) Water Leak Detector
(1) USB Port Flash Drive Pre-Loaded With Installation Instructions
(1) Filter Replacement Package

Model # AQUA Elite 50GPD Reverse Osmosis System
Includes: 50gpd RO system - Dimensions: 17"L x 7"W x 19"H
Includes: 3.2 gallon storage tank - Dimensions 11"D x 15"H (not shown)
1st Stage Pre-Filter: 10" Sediment 5 Micron
2nd Post-Filter: 10" Carbon Block
3rd Stage RO Membrane: 50gpd TFC @ 60psi Pressure Differential
4th Stage Post-Filter: 10" Extended Contact Inline Carbon Absorption Filter
Includes 4-stage RO purification system with built-in low pressure booster pump, 3.2 gallon storage tank, long reach faucet, automatic shut-off, installation parts with installation owners manual, total dissolved solids water monitor, 24/7 water leak detector and free replacement filter package with online orders only.
Total System Weight: approx. 32lbs 
Power: 110V (standard Outlet) For Integrated Booster Pump - Boosts water pressure to 60psi for better TDS rejection
Feed Water Pressure: 25psi min / 100psi max 
Feed Water Temperature: 40*F min / 100*F max 
Feed Water pH: 3.0 min / 10.0 max 
Feed Water Iron: <0.3ppm
Feed Water Manganese: <0.05ppm
Feed Water Hardness: <10gpg
No Chlorine - Use On Non-Chlorinated Water
Max Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2,500ppm normal max 
Filter Replacement Package  Membrane Replacement Package 
AQUA Elite 50 Replacement Filter Kit
Package includes 1 Sediment Filter & 2 Carbon Filters.
Sediment & Carbon Filters should be changed every 6-12 months.

Price: $50.00 - Free Shipping

AQUA Elite 50 Replacement Membrane Package

Package includes 1-TFC 50 gallon per day RO Membrane - membrane should be changed every 3-4 years.
Price: $75.00
 - Free Shipping